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Take a look at what the children did last year. 


Genre : Adventure Writing - Owain and the Dark Forest (with a darker feel and a twist that would be at home in the 'Series of Unfortunate Events' books)


We use the Pie Corbett approach to teaching writing, and one feature of this is for the children to learn part of a story and retell it using actions. Have a look at the class re-telling the start of our adventure story:

5CP Retelling Owain and the Dark Forest

Uploaded by Chris Price on 2017-02-24.

We then moved on to the non-fiction genre of instructional writing - 'How to construct a simple electric circuit'. The children really enjoyed linking this science topic into their English writing. Take a look at some of the box-up planners the class created:



Box-up Planning

Adam's Instructional Text


How to make a parallel circuit


Have you ever wanted to make a parallel circuit? Well now is your chance to try! just read on to find out more.


A parallel circuit has two wires connected  to each other and 2 light bulbs. The electricity flows Through the wires and sends an electrical charge to the bulbs.

Your bulbs should now light up.


Equipment you will need to use:

2  procell batteries and a battery holder

4 wires  with  crocodile clips on the end

Next , you need 2 small light bulbs with bulb holders


Then, you will need to put all of your ‘EQUIPMENT’ on a flat surface.


How to make your circuit work:

  1. Find a flat surface to work on.

  1. Make sure you have all the equipment provided above.

  2. Insert the batteries into the battery holder correctly.

  1. Then, attach your crocodile clips to the wires coming off the battery holder.


  1. Then attach those wires to the bulb holder that the bulb should be screwed into.


Final point

Now that you have successfully observed your light bulb to see if they have gone any brighter or dimmer.


What it looks like when it's done.