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Year 1 – H Stent

Hello and welcome to Year 1 class news! 


Come and say hello, we are always happy to get to know you better and help in any way we can. 

Picture 1 Mrs Stent
Picture 2 Mrs Willing

Important Information:


  • PE takes place on Friday morning (every other week) - Please provide your child with a PE kit, with items clearly labelled. If we can't find a name, and to save items getting lost we are happy to write names on them for you.


  • Homework and reading books are given out on a Thursday and Friday. These will be placed in your child's book bag - Please make sure these are returned back to school by the following Wednesday so that we can mark it and change reading books ready to give back.


  • School dinners cost £2.30. There is a choice of hot or cold meals each day. Please send all money in a clearly labelled purse or wallet.


  • Fruit costs 30p per day which will provide your child with a healthy snack


IMPORTANT- Some children have allergies, so please do not

send your child to school with  any snacks which may contain nuts-THANK YOU


  • Outdoor activities Please provide your child with a coat or jacket each day, preferably with hood, so that they can comfortably take part in all weather.

Each Friday we choose 'Our Class Super Star of the Week'. If your child is chosen they will receive a certificate in Friday's Assembly and collect a trophy which stays in the classroom.

A Class Super Star has to show they have tried extra hard to...

be kind, share, follow directions, achieve a target, persevere, tidy up, speak Welsh, help someone, show good manners, or get changed for P.E., fold their clothes, look after their belongings, read confidently, learn spellings, write number etc.

Monkey Mishchief!

The first topic we are studying this year is all about monkeys. As part of this topic we are learning the story, 'Monkey See, Monkey Do'. Please practise saying this story together at home; we can show you all the actions. These actions help us to remember the story, so that we can re-tell it.


Blocking a story

We can block a story to help us remember it.

Picture 1

Our exciting visit to BRISTOL ZOO GARDENS




Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5























Our new topic this term will be Curious Creatures.  We will be using Pie Corbett to act out the story 'How the tortoise got his shell' 

We will be drawing the story map, blocking the story, describing characters and re-writing/changing the story.

Picture 1

Image result for water   Dwr - Water Image result for water                             

Our topic this term is Dwr - Water. We are going to be learning lots of new exciting things all about water. To start with we have the homework map for you to complete this term. 


Picture 1
Below is the proposed medium term planning for this term. Here you we will see what we maybe covering each week however, this could change due to pupils' having an input on what they would like to learn/practise. 

This term our new story that we are learning is 'Whatever Wanda Wanted' We will be learning new actions to remember the story. This story is about a little girl who is very selfish and greedy but an experience makes her change her ways! She realises she can be happy without having EVERYTHING she wants. 

Below is the story map we have created as a class and have blocked the story into an opening, build up, problem, resolution and end - Ask your child/ren to explain what happens during the story.

Picture 1
Last half term, we learnt the story 'The Drop Goes Plop!' We used actions (Pie Corbett) to remember the song. It was lots of fun!


frownEisteddfod Competition Winnersfrown

Kerry Darlington 


We have looked at the work of Welsh artist Kerry Darlington and used some of her ideas to make pictures of our own

Helping others

Courtney brought a special collection box to school, for us to put our donations in. 

smileyP.E. Picturessmiley


Our next topic is called - Fabulous Food!

We will be learning the story of Peter and the Wolf

Picture 1

Learning Welsh with our Welsh Teacher

smileySome of us enjoy playing 'Beth sy yn y bocs?' togethersmiley

We have been studying the work of Welsh Artist Kerry Darlington.

We looked at her work titled 'Tree of Life - Autumn' and then used some of her ideas to make an autumn tree of our own.


Our next autumn topic is Celebrations!

We have been learning about Divali and how Hindus celebrate the Festival of Light.

Gurshaan's mum kindly came in to school to tell us how they celebrate Divali at home. She brought in Divali lamps for us to look at and then helped us to make some of our own.




Over the weeks been reading a story about Sammy Spider who lives in a house with the Shapiro family . He watches them celebrate

Rosh Hashannah, the Jewish New Year Celebration..


In groups we chatted together to find words to describe Sammy Spider. We came up with some amazing adjectives!



In the story Mum prepares apples dipped in honey and makes special challah bread.


The boys and girls tasted apples dipped in honey, just like the family did, and most of them decided it was... delicious, yummy, sweet, tasty, sticky and scrumptious!


Freeze Frame

Spring Term 1- January 


Our Topic is Water

We all enjoyed learning about the water cycle. Together we read the the book 'The Drop Goes Plop' by Sam Godwin.  


We made our own story maps like this one:

Picture 1
We learnt to say the story by using actions following the Pie Corbette model.
We have also blocked the text so that we can see the main parts of the story - Setting, Middle, End. This helps us when we write our own stories.
Picture 1

Year ! Class Assembly was a great success. All the children took part telling the story of the Drop Goes Plop and sang a variety of lively songs. 


We have been learning how to write a procedure.

We know they they have special headings - Title, What we need, and What we do. They also have very bossy words!


Picture 1

Our topic this term is Water!

We always start this with a web, where children give us their ideas of what they already know about water.

Picture 1

Describing words we have used for the green watering can

Describing words we have used for the green watering can 1

Here are some useful guides to show what we expect from a Year 1 child

Your child may be working either below or above this level and we adapt this work to suit their needs. 




Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

By looking at these, you will know where to start when working with your child at home.

Try to do little achievable steps and then choose a new thing to learn.



In Year 1 we cover a variety of topics e.g: shape, money, measuring, time, data handling, coding and number.


Here is a number overview of what we expect a Year 1 child to know by the end of the year. Once again your child may be working below or above this level and we differentiate the work for them to achieve to the best of their ability.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

As a whole school approach, we are now encouraging all children to practise their number skills at home. This can be paper form such as Big Maths tests sent home or using Abacus and RMEasimaths on the computer/Ipad.


Each child has their own username and password for both Abacus and RMEasimaths. 

These have been sent home at the start of the year and will now be sent out again this term  

to ensure you have received them.


Please copy the following links into the internet browser and these will take you to the site pages you need.







Saint David's Day

Eisteddfod Winners


Bron Afon Gardening Competition

We have been getting the planters ready for the gardening competition. Judging is on Friday 8th July. We managed to get really messy, pulling out the weeds, and planting new flowers and bulbs.