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Heddlu Bach - Autumn 2021.

Miss Coff and our local CSO, Kim Hughes, had a busy month in October taking in lots of applications from Year 5 & Year 6 pupils and interviewing for Heddlu Bach (Mini Police). 

13 children were carefully selected…

November 2021. 

Mini Police met to discuss their agenda for the year. They decided that as well as following the ‘Mini Police Scheme of Work’ they wanted to tackle some other issues they felt were important at the moment. 


We discussed the impact that coronavirus has had on loneliness in the local area and decided to reach out to local care homes to see if any of them would like support from the Mini Police to help combat loneliness. 


We then wanted to think of how Mini Police could have a positive impact and help pupils at Nant Celyn Primary School and decided to have our main mission for the year to be focussed on ‘Friendship and Loneliness’.  November 13th was anti bullying week so Mini Police decided to make their presence known! They created ‘Helping Hand’ posters, ran a buddy scheme at lunch time and offered a space place for pupils.  


December 2021. 

December has been a busy month for Tim Heddlu Bach! One of our main missions this year is to help combat loneliness in the local area. Mini Police did some research and discovered that many people who live in care homes have been unable to have visitors for nearly 18 months due to coronavirus. We managed to get in touch with a care home that is very local to us, Holly Lodge Care Home and they welcomed our support.

We brainstormed ways that we could introduce Heddlu Bach to Holly Lodge Care Home and decided to create all of the care residents there Christmas cards.