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Hearing Impaired Class – M Pritchard, C Evans & A Boak

Home Schooling and Blended Learning during the Coronavirus 


2020 has been a very different year for everybody and the way we teach and learn has had to change.  We would like to thank you for checking in to the Google Classroom each week and submitting work.  We know it has been very strange but you should all feel proud of yourselves for what you have achieved!  With that in mind, we are having to change the way we teach and learn again, now that schools have reopened.  We are moving to blended learning, which means that we will see you for one day a week in school to 'Check in, Catch up and Prepare' for September and the other four days you will still be at home.   Mr Bussy will update on any new arrangements.  We will continue to set work each week and run the Google Classroom as you are used to.  You will still be able to contact us when you need to but we will now get to see those lovely smiling faces, that we have all missed very much.   



Welcome to Hearing Impaired Class – Mrs M Pritchard & Miss C Evans


On this page we'll write up some of the lovely work we do in school.

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