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Welcome to Nursery - H Adams Class!

Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


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Welcome to all children and parents. We hope you are going to enjoy the wonderful nursery experience that is waiting for you.

Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Richards, Mrs. Kossick, Miss Pattemore, Mrs. Griffiths and Ms Dando can't wait to meet you all.smileysmiley

Important Information


Milk Fund

Please remember to bring your £1.00 milk money each week and tick your name off on the register. The money is always spent on the children and this term we will hopefully be providing some Harvest Festival,  Bonfire Night and Christmas treats, as well as having Fantastic Friday each week. On Fantastic Friday we have something special for snack time to go with the fruit the children bring in to share. Favourite foods are yoghurts, cheese and crackers, sandwiches, hot chocolate and occasionally biscuits.



We will be going over to school to do PE each week on a Monday. Your child does not need to have a PE kit but they will need to wear appropriate shoes/footwear. They do not have to have daps or trainers but please remember no big boots or wellies when we have P.E.smiley

Bailey Bear and Dai Dragon

Bailey Bear and Dai Dragon 1
Bailey Bear and Dai Dragon 2

Each week Bailey Bar chooses someone to go home with for the weekend. Bailey takes his camera with him so that the children can take photos with him.  Dai rewards all children who have been speaking Welsh in nursery and puts their name on his special board. He also sends a book home to share with everyone.

The children are told on Monday what Bailey is looking for, e.g. kind hands, putting coat on by themselves, remembering to say thank-you etc. Dai is listening out for anyone speaking Welsh independently in nursery. They go home on Friday and must be returned on the following Monday please.

Good luck everyone.






Autumn Term 2019


This term we will be doing lots of work on Nursery Rhymes as well as finding out about colour and autumn. After half term we will be loking at and finding out abut Festivals of Light.

The children will soon be looking for signs of autumn so please talk to you child when you are out and about pointing out the changes that they can see happening around them.

There will be lots of special days to celebrate this term and the children will have special foods and celebrations for Harvest Festival, Bonfire Night, Children in Need and Christmas. The children always enjoy cooking activities so this will form part of their experiences too.  Therefore, your contribution of a £1.00 each week is well used buying ingredients and foods for the children to prepare and taste.

In this first half term staff will carry out the Baseline Assessment and at your parent Consultation in October we will have a discussion about it. There will be a Christmas for you to come and watch in December. Details and dates will follow later in the term.

As always if you have a pressing concern or just need a chat about something, see me at the door and if I can't see you then we will make an appointment for us to meet.

Please remember to contact us if your child is absent from nursery on 01633 647417. We really do need to know why they are not in and can mark the register accordingly.

Also you MUST inform us if someone different is collecting your child. We will need a description, some personal information and a password. Even if it is someone we know we still need you to inform us that they are coming instead of you.

We are looking forward to getting to know your little ones and helping them enjoy their first steps into the wonderful world of school. We hope you will enjoy it too.