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Year 1 – C Evans

    Croeso i Flwyddyn 1! 

Miss Evans and Miss Jermyn welcome you to our Year 1 class page. 

We are very excited to share your new school experiences with you! 


New things will be added to this page... Please scroll down as they may be at the bottom 






Miss Evans will be updating our new web page regularly with important and exciting news! 


Important Information:



School dinners cost £2.30. There is a choice of a hot or cold meal each day. 


We only allow healthy snack in school.  Your child can bring cheese, yougurt, fruit, veg or a cereal bar. They may also buy fruit in school daily at a cost of 30p.  

Please put all dinner/ fruit money in a purse/wallet labelled with your child's name. 



Please ensure all children have a coat every day. We love to make use of our outdoor environment. We would like to make the most of our outdoors for as long as possible, even when its cold, so coats will be great!

We get so busy in our classroom that we often need to take off our jumpers and cardigans. Please make sure names are in every item of uniform and remind your child to put their jumper or cardigan on their own peg when they take it off.


PE will take place on a Friday morning. Please could you provide your child with shorts,  a top and daps/trainers.



                                         Thank you!




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                                                     Bendigedig! Seren yr wythnos! 




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Homework and reading books are given out on a Thursday. These will be placed in your child's book bag - Please make sure these are returned back to school by the following Wednesday so that we can mark and change reading books ready to give back out.



As a whole school, we are also providing homework on Abacus Maths (Online).

Your child will have their own login and password which will be sent home in September. 

✏️Literacy 📝

Here are some useful guides to show what we expect from a Year 1 child

Your child may be working either below or above this level and we adapt this work to suit their needs. 

By looking at these, you will know where to start when working with your child at home.

Try to do little achievable steps and then choose a new thing to learn.



In Year 1 we cover a variety of topics e.g: shape, money, measuring, time, data handling, coding and number.


Here is a number overview of what we expect a Year 1 child to know by the end of the year. Once again your child may be working below or above this level and we differentiate the work for them to achieve to the best of their ability.





As a whole school approach, we are now encouraging all children to practise their number skills at home. This can be paper form such as Big Maths tests sent home or using Abacus and RMEasimaths on the computer/Ipad.


Each child has their own username and password for both Abacus and RMEasimaths. 

These have been sent home at the start of the year and will now be sent out again this term  

to ensure you have received them.


Please copy the following links into the internet browser and these will take you to the site pages you need.





Autumn 1



Image result for monkey cartoon       Monkey Mischief  Image result for monkey cartoon

For our first half term project we will be learning about monkeys. We will be visiting Bristol zoo to see what a monkey looks like, what they eat and how they act. We are also learning our new story 'Monkey See, Monkey Do!'


We did a mind map on 'What we already know about monkeys' and 'What we would like to find out' 


We have been learning the story 'Monkey See, Monkey Do' - The children have enjoyed signing the story with their friends. Recently we have been painting monkeys and blocking the story into sections (Opening/beginning, problem and ending). 



🐵Monkey Paintings🐵

We had to follow the steps to paint a monkey swinging on a vine. 

First we painted the outline and then added our detail. Here are our paintings for you to see ...

Imitation and Innovations

As part of our writing this half term, we had to re-tell the story ‘Monkey See, Money Do’

Imitate = re-tell the story correctly 

Innovation = Change part of the story 


Here is some of our work for you to see: 


“I used explanation marks to show the man was shouting” 

“I did amazing today because my writing is sitting on the line”

Autumn 2

For our second half term project we will be learning about food. Our topic is called Scrumtpious Munchious. We are also learning our new story ‘The Little Red Hen’


Keep a look out below for new pictures that may be added throughout the term... 


Picture 1

Pudsey Day 2018

Do Your Thing 

We’ve all got one. A thing we love doing, a thing we’ve always wanted to do or just a thing we could do.
 Whatever it is, when we do it, we can really make a difference




We have worked really hard this term to learn lots of new things in Maths. We have enjoyed learning about 2D and 3D shapes, adding numbers together, painting repeating patterns and moving in whole, half and quarter turns! 

Here are some photos of us in action... 


This half term we have been learning how to measure in non-standard measures (cm) 

We have enjoyed measuring on the interactive whiteboard 

Picture 1


👋 Hello 👋 

This term as part of our pupil voice we decided we would like a Chinese New Year role play area. We asked our teacher if we could learn how to write in Chinese. The first thing we have learnt is how to write Chinese numbers.  Take a look at us in action below...  



In the Artist Studio, we have been learning how the Chinese celebrate New Year. This year it is the year of the pig 🐖 

Take a look below to see our fabulous paintings 


Our new topic this term is Lost... we asked the children what they would like to learn as part of pupil voice. 

“I would like to learn about space because you could get lost in space” 

“ I would like to learn about being lost on a desert island” 


First we visited Cardiff Museum to find out about Tim Peakes Spacesuit and rocket 🚀 Take a look below at our amazing time... 




🌓 The Super Blood Wolf Moon  🌓  

As part of our topic ‘Lost’- Space: We wanted to find out about the Super Blood Wolf Moon.. Here are some of the reports we have written 

Facts we have learnt: 

  • The Super Blood Wolf Moon came out on the 20th January 
  • It was red because the moon came closer to the Earth and it looked red due to the dusty atmosphere
  • It is called the Wolf Moon because the wolves used to howl in January when the moon came out 
We made rockets in the construction area a metre high. We then added the top to make the point