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HOMEWORK MAT 29.6.20 and 6.7.20

HOMEWORK MAT 1.6.20 and 8.6.20

HOMEWORK MAT 4.5.20 and 11.5.20




Welcome to Year 2, class of 2019-20, Mrs R Deidun, and Miss K Tewkesbury !


RWINC Phonic Resources

Read, Write, INC ...Speed Sound Set 1

RWI Set 2 Sounds

Additional online resources 




Our autumn term theme is Under The Sea and Mysterious Materials. If you would like to help your child at home over the Summer holidays and during the course of the autumn term here are some of the ways you can...

Our theme ... Under The Sea and Mysterious Materials ...


It's time to start finding out about...

Did you know ?

...that starfish are also called sea stars?

...that seahorses prefer to swim in pairs with their tails linked together?

...that the common shore crab is usually dark green? I wonder why?



Our topic for Autumn is mysterious materials and nature's treasures under the sea. We are asking all sorts of questions in our thinking groups.

Here are a few of them...


What is the difference between a natural and a man-made material?

Is paper a natural or man-made material?

Should you throw your plastic rubbish into the sea? 

How can we clean up the oceans and help to save the sea creatures?

Are starfish fish?

Where does the common shore crab live?

How do seahorses protect themselves against predators?









A new term ... Spring term.

Let's find out about the lungs of our Earth,the rainforests.


Our new theme ...


How to help at home...

Where The Wild Things Are Book Read Aloud

A young boy whose imagination transports him far away from problems at home to a land where almost anything can happen. Max is looking for a little fun, so he dresses up in a comical wolf suit. Unfortunately, his mother is tired of his antics, and sends him to bed without any supper. What does Max learn about himself ? How does Max feel at different points in the story? Does Max like being King of the Wild Things? What does Max find out about home and love?
Enjoy listening to the story Where the Wild Things Are. We are using this story to help us write our own character flaw tales.

The Great Kapok Tree audio book

As part of our topic on the rainforest we will be designing save our rainforest posters and this story holds many of the messages we will be exploring about why it is so important to do so. Listen to the audio book and discuss the messages each rainforest character has for the man who has come to chop down the Great Kapok Tree.





Our summer term theme is Dinosaurs. If you would like to help your child at home over the Easter holidays and the course of the Summer term here are some of the ways you can..


Diplodocus Facts - Andy's Dinosaur Adventures - CBeebies

Find out more about dinosaurs with Andy. Visit CBeebies at


Now for the useful bit...


smileyPlease bring your PE kits to school every Thursday and wear or bring suitable footwear for outdoor sports. Children also need their wellies in school each Wednesday for Forest School activities. You can leave your kit and wellies in school . We will send them home every half term.


smileyYour homework comes home with you every Thursday or Friday, please return to school by Tuesday at the latest so that we can exchange on Wedneday . Please keep your homework bags on the book bag peg.


smileyYou can bring a drink of water to school everyday!


smileyPlease bring your dinner /fruit money to school in a walletpurse, envelope, or money bag each day, clearly labelled with your name. It will be kept in a special, locked money box until break or lunchtime.


smileyWe have a class fruit/snack bowl that you can pop your healthy snack for break into. Or else you can keep it in your own bag on your peg.



There are no set spellings or a spelling test in Year 2. But we would ask that you try to work with your child on the list of high frequency words that we sent home at the beginning of the year. These spellings are the expectation for the end of year 2 and lists are sent home at the beginning of the year and are available during parents evenings.


smileyBeat that ! Maths test

Every Friday we have a mental maths test , it is the aim for your child to beat their previous weeks score , you can help your child with this by counting in 2's, 5's, and 10's with them, and doing addition and subtraction sums to 20.

And finally...



Exciting news!


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This year is going to be a good year!


Thank you for your support


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