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Year 5 – H Cooke

Welcome to Year 5 - Miss Cooke's Class!


Hello and Welcome to our new Class page!

You will find lots of information and images about what we are doing in the classroom.

Week 7 Home Learning Mat 

Week 6 Home Learning Mat 

Week 5 Home Learning Mat 

Week 3 - Home Learning Mat

Week 2 - Home Learning Mat

Monday, 20th April

Bore da! Good morning and welcome back! (Or not as the case may be...). Whilst we are not able to physically return to school today we are very much 'back' and looking forward to working with you all again. All of our learning is on our new weekly Home Learning Mat. This will be shared on a Monday morning here, on the Dojo and most importantly, in our Google Classroom. It contains lessons and activities that you 'should' do and activities that you 'could' do. The 'should' activities are the ones that we really need you to do, the 'coulds' are there for you to do if you have time after you have finished the 'shoulds'. 

Please contact us through email or the Dojo if you have any questions. Happy home learning!  smiley



Tuesday, 12th March

Take care everyone at home ... Stay ambitious and capable with online access to our apps and websites: 

  • RM Easimaths
  • Topmarks Hit the Button
  • Till we meet again (maths shopping game)
  • Nessy (only the children with specific logons) 
  • Hwb spelling and times table blast

Remember how important reading is and stay informed by watching Newsround. Please contact Mrs Penn if you need any help with anything.


We have suggested some activities that you may want to plan into your day. We have added timings onto those activities but these are only suggestions, please feel free to change them to suit you.

Personal Development and Relationships - Information Booklet for Parents