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Year 2 - Miss L Coff & Mr D Williams.

This term our new topic is… 


This term we are going to be writing a report on the solar system, data handling to find out Year 2s Favourite Planet, creating a paper plate spaceship and learning how to write clear instructions on how to make it to an alien! We have lots of other fun things planned that we can’t wait to share with you!
We have already been super busy this week (wc 6th September) creating space posters on what we know about space and what we would like to learn. ⭐️


Year 2 will have PE on a Thursday. Please can all children wear their PE kit to school. Many thanks.

Home Learning πŸ˜πŸ“š

In school we Pie Corbett our stories. This means we use actions to help us remember the wording of the story and the sequence. 


After we are confident in acting out the story we... 


- Get to know the character using Role on the wall 

- Draw out a story map 

- Box up the text 

- Imitate (re-tell) or innovate the story (make changes) 




Useful Links 

As a whole school, we are also providing homework on Abacus Maths (Online).

Your child will have their own login and password which will be sent home in September. 

✏️Literacy πŸ“

Here are some useful guides to show what we expect from a Year 2 child

Your child may be working either below or above this level and we adapt this work to suit their needs. 

By looking at these, you will know where to start when working with your child at home.

Try to do little achievable steps and then choose a new thing to learn.



In Year 2 we cover a variety of topics e.g: shape, money, measure, time, data handling, coding and number.


Here is a number overview of what we expect a Year 2 child to know by the end of the year. Once again your child may be working below or above this level and we differentiate the work for them to achieve to the best of their ability.





As a whole school approach, we are now encouraging all children to practise their number skills at home. This can be paper form such as Big Maths tests sent home or using Abacus and RMEasimaths on the computer/Ipad.


Each child has their own username and password for both Abacus and RMEasimaths. 

These have been sent home at the start of the year and will now be sent out again this term  

to ensure you have received them.


Please copy the following links into the internet browser and these will take you to the site pages you need.