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Below are some Welsh songs you can sing along to..

Caru Canu | Heno Heno

A traditional Welsh nursery rhyme.

Caru Canu | 5 Crocodeil

A song to practice counting to five

Caru Canu | Y Fasged Siopa (Welsh Children's Song)

A fun Welsh song introducing various foods.

Cân Dyddiau'r Wythnos | Days of the Week

Caru Canu | Clap Clap

A fun Welsh children's song introducing various gestures.

Caru Canu | Un a Dwy a Thair

A song to practice counting to ten.

Cân Cyfri ar y Bws Cyw | Cyw's Counting on the Bus Song

Cân Yr Wyddor 🍎 | The Cyw Alphabet Song

Caru Canu | Adeiladu Tŷ Bach (Welsh Children's Song)

A Welsh children's song about building a house for a mouse.

Caru Canu | Mynd Drot Drot

A traditional Welsh song about going shopping to the market.