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School Uniform

What should my child wear to school?


Uniform cannot be made compulsory for primary age children, but it is strongly preferred.  We ask parents to make every effort to send their child in the uniform listed below.  When children join Nant Celyn parents have agreed to follow our school policies including uniform and therefore children who are not wearing uniform will be given a reminder letter and if it continues school uniform will be given to the child to wear during the school day.

We feel it helps children feel part of the school community and prevents discrimination.

With over 460 pupils in our school, occasionally items will be mislaid.  Junior children / parents of infant children are able to look in the lost property box to recover lost property but this is a difficult task if the pupil's name is not on each item of clothing.

Every term all lost property will be displayed for parents to see and if not claimed will be sent to local charity shops or recycled.


Our main supplier is Pretty Miss in Cwmbran – 01633 484408, however you can now order our uniform from 'Tesco Uniform Embroidery Service'.

Please click on the link below to view prices. 







Girls- Yellow or purple Gingham dress

Boys- Black / grey shorts + usual gold polo shirt

Black/white shoes /sandals or

Black trainers




  Black / grey skirt / trousers

  Gold polo shirt, with/without school logo.

  Purple Sweatshirt or Cardigan with logo.

  Black shoes/ trainers with black not coloured



The children in the nursery will also have the opportunity to wear uniform. Their uniform will consist of:

  •   Purple or black jogging bottoms
  •   Gold / white polo shirt, with school logo.
  •   Purple Sweatshirt or Cardigan with logo.

In the summer the girls can wear the yellow gingham dress and the boys black shorts and usual polo shirt.


P.E. Kit

P.E. forms part of the National Curriculum.  It is also very enjoyable and is important to your child’s health.  Therefore children cannot be excused from P.E without a doctor’s note.

Please place P.E kit in a nylon gym bag or carrier with your CHILD’s name on it. It can be left on their peg and just taken home for washing.

School has spare P.E kit/ plimsoles which will be loaned to your child should he / she forget to bring it into school.



P.E Kit  


INDOOR                                    OUTDOOR

BLACK Shorts                                             BLACK Jog Bottoms

WHITE T Shirt                                          WHITE T Shirt

Plimsoles/ trainers                                      BLACK Sweatshirt or jogging top




For their own safety, children are only allowed to wear one stud in the lobe of each ear. If studs cannot be taken out on P.E days, they must be covered during P.E lessons with plasters. Plasters must be provided by parents and either put on by parents before coming to school or by the child before the lesson. Apart from a watch, no other jewellery is allowed.

Tesco Embroidered Uniform Price List 

Pretty Miss Uniform Prices