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Below is the link for Oxford Owl - Here you will find ebooks that will either read to you or you can read together 


Remember to always Fred talk a word if you find it tricky e.g: 'and' is 'a n d' 

Then blend it together to make the word - 'and' 


Some children can Fred talk a word but will find it difficult to blend the word afterwards.

Don't worry, just keep trying! :) 



Below are some Read, Write, Inc books from Oxford Owl -

You can access these signed in as a parent


I haven't put all levels up but please take a look through and have a go! Your child should know which sounds they are currently learning in school


Red - Set 1 sounds - focusing on single sounds e.g: m. a, s, d, t, i 

Green - Set 1 sounds - focusing on '2 letters one sound' - sh, ch, th, qu, ng, nk sounds

Purple - Set 1 sounds - focusing on '2 letters one sound' - sh, ch, th, qu, ng, nk, ll, pp, bb etc 

Pink - Set 2 sounds - focusing on 'ay, ee, igh, ow, oo and oo (look in a book)

Orange - Set 2 sounds 'ar, or, air, ou' 

Blue - Set 3 sounds - a-e, o-e, i-e, u-e, ea