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Who's Who

Chair of Governors - Mrs C Watkins

Headteacher - Ms K Smith

Deputy Headteacher - Mr D Davies


Safeguarding Officers

Designated Child Protection Officer - Ms K Smith (Headteacher)

Deputy Designated Child Protection Officer - Mr D Davies (Deputy Headteacher)

Lead for Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) - Ms K Smith (Headteacher)


Senior Designated Child Protection Officer in  - Miss R Orme

Headteacher and Deputy Head Absence


If you have any concerns about any child, please do not hesitate to discuss them with your child's class teacher or the staff above.


Teaching & Learning Staff 

Nursery - Miss L Hall-Stark, Miss B Pattemore, Miss T Church, Miss A Davies, Miss A Soper

Reception - Miss R Orme, Mrs G Yoxall, Miss G Jude, Mrs H Howells, Mrs M May, Mrs S Woodhouse 

Year 1 - Miss C Williams, Miss C Evans (currently on maternity), Mrs C Harris, Miss C Williams, Miss A Martin 

Year 2 - Miss L Coff, Mr D Williams, Miss J Evans, Mrs K Watkins

Year 3 - Mrs S Evans,  Miss K Riley, Mrs A Strong 

Year 4 - Mrs A Davies, Mrs A Eden (currently on maternity), Miss H Shepherd, Mrs P James 

Year 5 - Miss H Jones, Mr C Price 

Year 6 - Mr D Ashford, Mrs J Davis-Thomas -


Cwtch Provision - Miss M Matthews (HLTA), Miss S Goodland, Miss M Holbrook 


ASD Base - Mrs A Edwards, Miss K Williams, Mrs A Adkins (HLTA), Miss K Tewkesbury (HLTA), Miss L Innes, Miss D Davies, Miss S Beal, Miss M Bowen, Miss K Naseriyan


Deaf Learning Base (DLB) - Mrs A Boak, Miss C Evans, Miss L Wells, Mrs C Cowin


Family Liaison Officer - Ms T Goodland


THRIVE Practitioner - Miss K Taylor


PPA Teachers - Miss K Oliver and Mrs J Lambert


Office Staff - Mrs S Evans, Mrs R Watkins, Mrs A Strong 


Caretaker - Mr L Reynolds