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Nursery -Miss Hall-Stark

Miss Hall-Stark, Miss Pattemore, Mrs Church, Mrs Soper, and Miss Davey welcome you all to our Nursery webpage.


Important Information

Start Times / Lateness

The nursery gates will open at 9.00am for the morning session and 12.30pm for the afternoon session. The gates will close at 9.05am and 12.35pm. If your child is late you will need to buzz at the main reception, and we will come and let you in via the main entrance. 


All nursery children will have the opportunity to do physical activity on a daily basis so please ensure footwear is appropriate.     

Reading Books and Homework

A 'homework mat' will be sent out once every term. From this your child will be able to choose the homework that they complete every week. You can either share the work with us on Class Dojo or bring it into Nursery for us to celebrate. 

A reading book will be sent home once a week for you to share and enjoy with your child. We ask for books to be returned no later than a Wednesday so that they can be changed and returned to you on a Friday. To receive a new book the last one must be returned first. 


Please make sure your child has all their uniform labelled clearly.            

It would be very helpful if you could pack a set of spare clothes in your child's bag in case of accidents, this does not need to be uniform. 

We access the outdoors in all weathers so please ensure that your child is appropriately dressed for the weather.                      

Snacks/ Drink Bottles

We stop for about 15 minutes half way though the session for 'snack time'. We are a healthy school so we ask that all snacks be fruit, veg', dairy or cereals where ever possible. Please ensure grapes are cut up. 1 snack is ample thank you. Your child will need their own drink bottle, clearly labelled, and again we ask for plain water where possible please.


Please use Class Dojo for brief messages only. If you wish to discuss an issue in depth then please ask to speak to a member of staff and we can arrange this ASAP for you.

Comfort Items -

We are happy for children to bring in comfort items e.g blankets and teddies IF they are distressed coming into nursery, however please be mindful that we can not be responsible should these get lost or damaged. 



Our Nursery Routine-

 Monday - Maths Monday

Tuesday -Topic Tuesday

Wednesday- Welsh Wednesday

Thursday- Thinking Thursday

Friday - 'Fred Frog' Friday (Phonics)


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