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Languages, Literacy and Communication

Language, Literacy and Communication

In year 3 we will be looking at the following genres:

Procedure writing

Report writing

Fantasy story writing



Descriptive writing


Persuasive writing


We try hard in Year 3 to perfect out handwriting.  We focus on the following:

Letter formation and orientation

Tall letters (letters that touch the sky - E.g. h, l, b, d)

Small (letters that reach halfway - E.g. a, e, s)

Letters that go below the line (Letters that get a bit wet - E.g. j, g, y)


We also take part in weekly spelling activities.  These are differentiated to meet the individual needs to each learner.  They equip the children with spelling strategies for the high frequency words. 


Please see the main class page for helpful links to website that will help the children build on their spelling, reading and writing :-)






In year 3 we use Welsh everyday.  The children have daily practise with our year 3 placemat as well as engaging Welsh activities throughout the week.  These encourage the children to use their Oracy skills as well as reading and writing. 

Year 3 Welsh Placemat